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Sobieski is an antiquarian and at the same time an online store where you will find valuable, rare old books of high value and historical significance. We have been on the market for over a dozen years, collecting an impressive collection of unique works printed in Poland hundreds of years ago. What distinguishes us from other antique shops is not only beautiful items put up for sale, but also the form of activity - we work online, thanks to which individual copies can be ordered from us online. All items come from legal sources - we can even issue a company certificate confirming the authenticity and originality of each item in our offer.

When ordering our books and prints, you can count on specimens with expertise - real gems on the bibliophilic market, which actually come from many years ago and from different historical periods. There are even the first editions of many classics of Polish and world literature - having the first print of a beloved book from years ago is a unique feeling that will be appreciated by every lover of the written word. We guarantee authentic publishing, extremely solid editions, as well as help in searching for specific works. A separate section devoted to historical topics, which will certainly please many historians.

Antykwariat Sobieski - a unique offer

Our assortment includes not only unique bibliophilic items. You can order professional expertise or a print quotation from us that raises customer's concerns. In addition, we provide assistance in setting up and running a home library or private book collection. We also provide professional bookbinding services - at the customer's request we are able to restore valuable but destroyed by time and history copies. We invite you to the book section for a gift. People who search for extremely rare pre-war books or antique books from hundreds of years ago can come to us. White ravens for the collection and beautiful gifts dedicated to a specific person are our specialties.

Execution of orders

We operate quickly and efficiently - like any online store. All old books and even old prints from our offer can be ordered through the website. We execute orders by Poczta Polska or send by courier - in the case of mail, the waiting time for a shipment should not exceed three days, and the courier delivers the package to the indicated address within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order. We work with domestic and foreign clients (in this case, we set the shipping costs individually).

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MICKIEWICZ - DZIADY cz. III wyd. Paryż 1833r. z popiersiem autora

MICKIEWICZ - DZIADY cz. III wyd. Paryż 1833r. z popiersiem autora

MICKIEWICZ Adam, DZIADY Cz. III, z popiersiem autora, Paryż 1833r Pisaliśmy już o pierwodrukach i pierwszych wydaniach dzieł wieszczów oraz ich popularności. Są to książki cenne nie tylko z uwagi na swą ważną rolę w literaturze narodowej, ale również wartość...
SIENKIEWICZ- PAN WOŁODYJOWSKI - pierwsze wydanie 1887-8

SIENKIEWICZ- PAN WOŁODYJOWSKI - pierwsze wydanie 1887-8

SIENKIEWICZ- PAN WOŁODYJOWSKI   pierwsze wydanie z lat 1887-8 Nie tylko pierwodruki i pierwsze wydania dzieł trójcy wieszczów romantycznych [Zygmunt Krasiński, Adam Mickiewicz i Juljusz Słowacki] cieszą się rosnącym zainteresowaniem. Równie dużą popularnością cieszą się...
Hugo Steinhaus i jego  KALEJDOSKOP MATEMATYCZNY w skórzanej oprawie

Hugo Steinhaus i jego KALEJDOSKOP MATEMATYCZNY w skórzanej oprawie

Hugo Steinhaus i jego KALEJDOSKOP MATEMATYCZNY w skórzanej oprawie W przerwie między aukcyjnymi emocjami, prezentujemy chwaliposta, w którym pokazujemy niezwykłej urody skórzaną okładkę  drugiego wydania dzieła popularyzującego matematykę, pt.: "KALEJDOSKOP MATEMATYCZNY" pióra Huga...