About Company

The Sobieski Antique Bookshop has been offering old prints and collector's books for 20 years. We believe that despite the passage of time and the dynamic changes that are taking place in the modern world, bibliophilic traditions are worth nurturing and saving from oblivion.

We're glad you found us. Welcome to the world of beautiful books.



Our Antiquarian Bookstore is a member of the respectable group of the Association of Polish Antiquarians and Art Dealers and the CINOA International Antiquarian Union. As our client, you can be sure that you are buying from a credible and trustworthy place.



By choosing our brand, you help us support bookbinding traditions and Polish artistic craftsmanship. You make it possible for us to protect vanishing professions, such as bookbinding, from oblivion. Our team is a group of experienced craftsmen who love their profession and know their trade inside out. Based on traditional methods and manual work, they constantly improve their workshop and skills so that our customers can enjoy a beautiful book.


"And books have their fates..." Terence