Collection of libraries and collections


We offer comprehensive and professional assistance in completing the book collection.
The book has been a luxury good since the dawn of its history, initially it was associated only with the church elite, nobility and magnates. During the Middle Ages, handwritten scripts at times reached sky-high prices. Over the years, the book has become a common good, available to everyone.
Today, having a valuable library in which each volume stands out on the shelf is unique and beautiful, it will provide you not only with an aesthetic experience, it is also a great investment and a source of prestige.

On our part, you can count on professional help in planning, creating and supplementing your private library as well as maintenance of damaged copies.

We offer both antique books in original period bindings, as well as later books, also contemporary ones, in exclusive leather bindings or bound in half-leathers.
On request, we can frame each book, obtaining a unique, individual character of the copy.
Our books are carefully made in accordance with the bookbinding craft, as well as the selection of appropriate materials.

Please be advised that all matters related to our services can be dealt with remotely,

by phone, e-mail or video conversation.

We invite you to cooperation.